RDR-600-B Rice Dispensing Machine

RSR-600 Rice Dispensing Machine is an automated machine that dispenses rice without the use of any manpower. The rice that is being dispensed will be evenly spread and not pressed when it’s being served.

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RDR-600 Rice Dispenser is the latest sushi machine in UTOC‘s lineup. The RSR-600-B Rice Dispenser is a must-have item for any catering company or food establishment. The RDR-600 is automated rice dispenser produced specifically to ensure your rice will be dispensed in many different ways such as Rice bowls, food trays, lunch boxes etc., and many more.

  • Thermal Function (Temperature is adjustable)
  • Distribute exact amount of warm rice
  • Maintain a good mouthfeel of the rice
  • Accurate measurement with load cell method
  • Alarm goes on when rice needs to be added
  • We have reduced repair cost and time highly by using mold manufacture.
ModelRDR-600-A RDR-600-B
Dimension of Rice DispenserW 392 x L 595 x H 670 mmW 392 x L 595 x H 756 mm
Capacity (Per hour)900 meals (140g)1,200 meals (140g)
Hopper Capacity22kg (Capacity of 2 rice cookers for 50 meals, 150 meals based on 140g)
Weight of Rice 10 ~ 999g (1g can be set) 100 ~ 350g (1g can be set)
UseRice bowlRice bowl, food tray, lunch box etc.
VoltageAC 110/220V_50/60Hz_230 W
Weight32 Kg35 kg