Foot Pedal Sealers

Foot Pedal Sealers free up the hands to quickly seal the package. UTOC sells three main kinds of Hand Impulse Bag Sealers, Foot Pedal Sealers, and Semi-Auto Impulse Bag Sealers.

The Impulse Sealer features a single heating element. Simply press down on the foot pedal to heat the element, sealing the package. Our Impulse Heat Sealer has heating elements on both sides, making the strongest possible seal on the bag.

Our foot pedal sealers are suitable for sealing all kinds of single and multi-layer bags such as PE, PP, Laminated, and Aluminium Foil Bags.

  • Features
  • Specifications
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  • Sturdy Construction
  • Available In Different Seal Widths
  • Adjustable Product Support Tray
  • Easy to Use
  • Suitable for various bag materials including PE, Foil & Laminated Films
  • Available In Double Heating Element Version
ModelSealing LengthSeal WidthPower
12″ Foot Pedal Sealer300mm2mm / 5mm / 10mm220V / 50Hz – 60Hz
18″ Foot Pedal Sealer450mm2mm / 5mm / 10mm220V / 50Hz – 60Hz
24″ Foot Pedal Sealer600mm2mm / 5mm / 10mm220V / 50Hz – 60Hz
32″ Foot Pedal Sealer800mm2mm / 5mm220V / 50Hz – 60Hz