Plastic Films, Pouches & Bags

Using advanced production machinery, Utoc Sealing Films, Pouches & Bags is suitable for use on our packaging machine as well as customer-existing equipment. These are supplied either plain or can be printed in up to 7 colours according to clients’ design.

Our laminated packaging includes materials such as PET, FOIL, PP, MPET, PE, and NYLON in various combinations according to clients’ applications. Our films are widely used in both Food Packaging and Non-Food Packaging Applications and can be presented in the following formats.

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Laminated Flexible Materials

Roll Format

Mulitlayer Sealing Films in Roll format which is suitable for most automatic packaging machines such as form fill seal, pillow pack machine and 3 side seal sachet machines.

Gusset Bag Format

Center Seal & Side Seal Gusset Type Packaging bag format which are available in different film structures to suit users application whether for dried food packaging, frozen food packaging & also chilled food packaging.

Stand Pouches With Spout

Stand Up Pouch format which can be custom printed up to 7 colours and also available with spout attachment for applications such as drinks, oil and  packaging of liquids.

Pouches with Zipper

Zip lock pouches, available for stand up pouch format as well as in regular 3 side seal bags. Seal area above zipper allows for heat sealing to ensure pilfer proof packaging.

Side Seal & Vacuum Bags

Side Seal format bags including Vacuum Packaging Bags & Aluminium Foil Retort Pouches which are widely used in food industry for packaging of meats, fish, poultry and pre cooked foods. 

Top Lid Pre Cut Foils

Pre-cut Aluminium Foil Lids suitable for Top Sealing Applications such as Instant Noodle Packaging, Airline Juice & Mineral Water Cup Packaging, Yogurt & Diary Product Packaging. 

Top Lidding Films

Top Lid Sealing Materials which includes easy peel sealing films for trays & cups, Anti-Fog Top Seal films, Bubble Tea Cup Sealing films and also lidding films for high barrier packaging applications.

Paper Foil & Film Combo

These sealing pouches are a combination of paper surface texture combined with inner layer of foil & plastic, can be printed up to 7 colours and available in both stand pouch and side seal bag formats.


Speciality Films & Materials

Our range of speciality films and materials are specific solutions to customers’ who are looking at more advance packaging methods for their products either for better visual appearance or extension of product shelf-life.

Anti Fog Top Lidding Film

Peelable & Non Peelable Top Lid Sealing Film with Anti-Fog properties which is extremely suitable for packaging of chilled products such as ready to eat meals, meats, poultry and also fruit packaging.

Low & High Barrier Shrink Top Lidding

Shrinkable Top Lidding Films for sealing on PE trays available in both Low Barrier and High Barrier structure for packaging of meat and poultry.

Anti Fog Shrink Films

Food Grade Shrink Wrap films with Anti Fog properties suitable for chilled product packaging where visual appearance is critical. Anti-fog properties ensure customer sees product clearly on shelves.

Fruits & Vegetable Shrink Films

POF Food Grade Shrink Wrap films with good stretch and high clarity – suitable for fruits and vegetable packaging. 

Skin Packaging Films

Skin packaging films which when vacuum packed follows the contour of the packed product giving it a nice visual appearance, widely used in meat and frozen food packaging.

Single Layer Films, Materials & Bags

Our single layer polybags can be supplied as Carrier Bags, Flat bags, Tube rolls, Gusseted Bags, Header Bag with Tape and Flat Sheets in LDPE, PP, HDPE & OPP. These can also be supplied either plain or with printing.

Carrier Bags

Single Layer PP Bags

PE Liner Bags

Fruits & Vegetable Bags by Utoc Singapore

PP Fruits & Vegetable Bags

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