Edhard Fillers & Depositors

Volumetric Dosing System (VDS)

The Edhard volumetric dosing system is an advance and easy to use filler which is suited to dose various different liquid and semi-liquid product. Adjustment of fill volume is easily adjusted using keypad for accurate control.

The purpose of this equipment is to dose liquid and semi-liquid products in the following ways:_

  • Inject a product into another prodcut
  • Depsoit a product in a container
  • Deposit a product on top of another product
  • Layer a product onto another product
  • Decorate a product with another product

This equipment consist of three main components. This concept applies to all variations of this equipment. The main components are listed below

Power Base

Power Base – a power unit controlling all dosing functions

Filler Unit

Filler Unit – a pump and hopper combination, used with the Power Base as a means of delivering a product


Spouts – an accessory used with the Filler Unit in order to deliver the product for a specific application

Advance PT Series

PT Series Power Base – The advance PT-Series power base is available with 1/4HP or 1/2HP servo motors.

  • Demo Video Food Service
  • Demo Video Bakery
  • Demo Video Confectionery

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