LSR-370 Premium Sushi Machine

The LSR-370 Premium Sushi Machine is completely automated, not only measuring the weight of shari to make sushi but add and adjust wasabi. Our fully automated Premium Sushi Machine is also one of our newest product for producing the world’s best sushi.

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The majority of high-quality sushi machine have been produced mainly in Japan. However, we are confident that UTOC range of sushi machines from Korea is as competitive as Japanese products in terms of quality and capability. The LSR-370 Premium Sushi Machine will be a game changer in the market.

  • Our exclusive process makes even, airy and perfectly formed sushi using the same method as a chef would by squeezing Shari lightly with their hands. Putting it differently, since the machine doesn’t cut a single grain of rice, the rice retains its original form.
  • LSR-370’s Airy Shari improves tasted and quality of sushi.(Patented)
  • You can adjust the size of Shari into a minimum of 7g and also maintaining a consistent shape.
  • For user’s convenience, we adopted screen magnification feature and a color LCD monitor.
  • A precise amount of Wasabi is automatically placed on top of the rice and controlling the amount of Wasabi is easily accessible through our customized touchable color LCD screen monitor. (Adjustable Screen Size: Expansion/Reduction)
  • It is easy to control rice compression, strength, density, warmth.
  • By lowering the rice port, we have increased productivity and output.
  • We have reduced repair time and cost significantly for the LSR-370 by using mold manufacture.
ModelLSR-370-A LSR-370-BLSR-370-C
Shape of Sushi
Weight of Sushi7-10g11-15g13-20g
Length of Sushi3cm4cm5cm
Capacity3,600 pcs/hr3,600 pcs/hr3,600 pcs/hr
DimensionW440 x L490 x H640 mmW440 x L490 x H640 mmW440 x L490 x H640 mm
VoltageAC 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 160WAC 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 160WAC 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 160W
Weight of Machine30kg30kg