Hand Impulse Bag Sealer

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The Hand Impluse Bag Sealer series by UTOC is economical and easy to use.  Suitable for sealing all kinds of single and multi-layer bags such as PE, PP, Laminated, and Aluminium Foil Bags.

  • Sleek & Modern Design
  • Durable Plastic & Powder Coat Metal 
  • Available in 2mm & 5mm (*XP) seal width 
  • Suitable for various bag materials including PE, Foil & Laminated Films
  • Optional seal & cut version available
ModelSealing LengthSealing Width
8″ NT Hand Impulse Sealer200mm2mm
12″ NT Hand Impulse Sealer300mm2mm
8″ XP Hand Impulse Sealer200mm5mm
12″ XP Hand Impulse Sealer300mm5mm
16″ XP Hand Impulse Sealer400mm5mm
8″ XP Hand Impulse Sealer with Cutter200mm5mm
12″ XP Hand Impulse Sealer with Cutter300mm5mm
16″ XP Hand Impulse Sealer with Cutter400mm5mm