Vacuum & Gas / Skin Pack Sealer FP70


Our PACSEAL Skinfresh offers the latest technology in vacuum packaging. Ideally suited for products such as meat & poultry packaging and ready to eat products where shelf life preservation and optimal presentation is required.


Packaging for meat, seafood, fish poultry and ready to eat products where freshness, shelf-life and presentation is crucial.

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  • Rigid structure made from stainless steel and corrosion resistant aluminum, ensure the highest food hygiene standard. 
  • Simple design promotes easy maintenance. 
  • Touch screen display with PLC control system provides a user-friendly interface. 
  • Very safe operations due to multiple impact resistant acrylic panels. 
  • Suitable for a wide array of materials (PE, PP, paper, and easy tear film. 
  • Digitally controlled vacuum and gas flushing. 
  • Can control vacuum and gas flushing. 
  • Quick change mold design allows one machine to seal various sized container for improved efficiency. 
  • German-made Bush pump can perform independent vacuum packaging, MAP packaging, and Skin packaging. 
  • 3D Vacuum Skin Packaging on plastic / paper board trays.
1 Phase
3 Phase
3 Phase
3 Phase
Capacity (pcs/hr)150-240150-240240-480240-480
Max Cup Size (mm)230 x 180 x 100380 x 280 x 100175 x 280 x 100175 x 125 x 100
Machine Size (mm)
W x D x L
500 x 900 x 1600740 x 1040 x 1740740 x 1040 x 1740740 x 1040 x 1740