Vacuum Skin Packaging Film in Retail Space

Ever wondered whether vacuum skin packaging or pack films are suitable for use in the retail space?

Fret not in this article we will be doing a case study on an online grocery using skin packaging for the fresh goods.

Since the pandemic began, online e-commerce grocery stores have become an essential element of people’s lives due to the lockdowns imposed by the government. As more people were advised to stay home and avoid contact with others to prevent a community infection of the coronavirus.

This has urged many people to buy their daily groceries such as perishable fresh meat and seafood via their computers and mobile phones for them to be delivered to their home. However, Covid-19 pandemic also made people more health and hygiene conscious in their food.

In the time of a pandemic, this prompt many grocery stores both online and brick and mortar to heavily invest and research on ways to improve their current food packaging to be more suitable for safe delivery in which many companies decided to implement skin packaging systems in their packaging line.


Now, many of you may wonder what the benefits are using skin packs anyway.

Well, one of the main advantages of using a skin pack is the extended shelf life of fresh foods. This cutting-edge technology is designed to protect and keep your foods fresh for a longer time period during the distribution and delivery period. As a result, this would minimize your food wastage and save you costs.

Utoc Singapore has been manufacturing skin packaging films and supplying to retailers and many food farms in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Utoc’s skin pack films provide a high barrier of entry for bacteria and extend food shelf life and safety.

All of Utoc’s skin packaging films are FDA certified and produced under the global quality management standard FSSC22000.