LS-303 Mold Sushi Machine

LS-303 Mold Sushi Machine is a product that was designed specifically for making sushi competently. It is made by mold-manufacture, which complements the weak points in existing stainless coated products. 

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LS-303 Mold Sushi Machine is manufactured to ensure consistent and high quality sushi to be produced. By using quality materials it ensures that rice will not stick to the hopper and coating from coming off while making sushi.

  • The LS-303 is manufactured using highly sanitary and high-quality materials to prevent rice from sticking to the hopper and coating from coming off while making sushi.
  • Putting it differently, since the machine doesn’t cut a single grain of rice, the rice retains its original form.
  • The LS-303 is built using hygienic materials which have low heat conductivity. (Existing stainless coated products have high heat conductivity and it affects the taste of sushi considerably because sushi cools off quickly and rice grains harden.)
  • During operation, sushi is automatically put on the troll plate. There is no need to switch the unit on or off during operation.
  • Neat exterior design can give tidy impression to customers.
  • Anyone can operate, assemble and disassemble LS-303 easily without any tool. So it is very simple to clean.
Capacity3,000 pcs/hr
Dimension of Sushi MachineW330 x L530 x H570 mm
Size of Rice of Sushi42mm 16, 18g / 50mm 20g
VoltageAC110/220V, 50/60Hz, 120W
Weight of Machine25Kg