LSR-350 High Quality Sushi Machine

LSR-350 High-Quality Sushi Machine is an automated sushi machine that measures the rice of the sushi to form a perfect sushi with a One Step Auto System, that is exclusive to our sushi machines.

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LSR-350 High-Quality Sushi Machine has the ability to produce a sushi that is shaped by a real chef. The LSR-350 Sushi Machine has its own unique technology which will shape the way sushi’s will be made.

  • The LSR-350 makes high-quality sushi using the same method as the chef squeezes rice lightly with their hands.
  • Putting it differently, since the machine doesn’t cut a single grain of rice, the rice retains its original form.
  • Substantial version is the machine which can control (from) 13g of sushi and also maintaining a consistent shape with High Quality class.
  • The rice compression strength, density and warmth can be adjusted through the machines
  • With World’s first unique technology of Lucky Engineering’s, we have even considered the taste of the sushi with air circulation between the rice.(Patented)
  • We have reduced repair time and cost significantly by using mold manufacture.
  • Doesn’t take much space and without the tool, it is very sanitary since you can easily disassemble the machine for cleaning.
Dimension of Sushi MachineW320 x L490 x H640 mm
Weight of Rice of Sushi13-20g
VoltageAC110/220V, 50/60Hz, 60W
Weight of Machine30kg